The Biggest eyebrow fails of the decade

The Biggest eyebrow fails of the decade
June 21, 2016 Riann O'Dwyer

Sometimes you need to just put that eyebrow pencil down ladies, this is taking things to a strange and honestly scary level. It’s hard to say these are looks people would strive for after seeing this list of ridiculous eyebrow failures. These women definitely left the house feeling on fleek.

How would you react to seeing eyebrows like these out in the real world? It’s hard not to want to stop and stare when it comes to these wild looks. You can’t be too hard on them though; it looks like someone of them were really trying to look on point. Others it is hard to even give them the A for effort looking at the job they’ve done to their face.

Maybe killing their chances at meeting that perfect someone, with some of these looking almost horrific, it’s easy to see people just turning around and walking the other way upon browsing these brows.  These are not the looks to go for if you’re trying to make a good first impression, though people will remember you for sure.

1.nobody is going to miss these eyebrows in public…..


2.That brushed look, looks a little more creepy than she’d hope…


3.When one set of eyebrows just isn’t enough…


3.She tried, just not hard enough…


4.Maybe took a little too much off these brows.


5.Eyebrows for days on this woman…


6.Well i wouldn’t go as far as to say That…


7.She’s just doing herself with this, maybe not the best idea…


8.These have to be the straightest eyebrows on earth…


9.This is taking it to another level of different.


10.Eyebrows arent supposed to shine, you would think.


11.You cant be sure what this lady is going for, but, hopefully she got it.



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