Celebrity’s influence on style – How will it affect your debs boys?

Celebrity’s influence on style – How will it affect your debs boys?
May 5, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer
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  • April 2, 2015
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In this day and age it’s all about what the latest celebs are wearing, especially for the boys. There has been so many make fashion icons that have started trends in the fashion world for men.

However, there are also some celebrities that “try” and become fashion icons, but it just doesn’t work (Kanye West).

One man that has struck me as a major upcoming fashion icon is Irelands one and only Conor McGregor. His main trends would be the “mun” (man bun), his suits and his flashy accessories. These, along with his cheeky personality, have made him a trending fashion icon.

The “mun”, although not my proffered hairstyle on a man, has become very stylish in Ireland, and could probably be classified as the hairstyle of 2015.

Conor’s suits are usually quite flashy and stand out. Here are a few of my favorites.

Last but not least Conor’s accessories really tie his whole look together. Some of his accessories would include patterned dickey bows and ties, shades and handkerchiefs. He also has an amazing collection of tie clips and watches.

Overall I think Conor McGregor has a huge impact on men’s style for 2015 and I’m sure we will be seeing a lot of it at our events (hopefully not the cheeky personality part).


There is no doubt that David Beckham takes pride in what he wears, making him a huge fashion icon in the boy world. We know that David appreciates the meaning of fitted and as we never see him in over-sized clothing. Even when tailored suits weren’t trending on the red carpet, he knew that slim was the way to go and the way to the future. David’s fitted suits usually consist of perfect tuxedos and wool linings. He is also a fan of accessories like beanies and flat caps as well as bracelets and they never disappoint! David is an inspiration on/off court and a classic character.

When it comes to men’s fashion and how most guys choose to dress Conor McGregor and David Beckham would be what a lot of men look to for inspiration. More and more people are changing the name of fashion on a personal level. In fact, in today’s fashion culture, which has as much to do with Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr one of the most reliable sources you have as a fashion template are the icons behind the scenes living and showing off their personal style, which is exactly what both these guys do.


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