Look like a million dollars on a shoestring

Look like a million dollars on a shoestring
May 5, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer

Are you a college student and living on a budget? If you think you can’t afford to go to your college ball that everyone is talking about you’re wrong, you can. Here are a few guidelines on how you can go to your college ball (and still look fab) with minimum costs.

The Dress: Recycle, we all have friends/cousins/sisters/sisters friends who have either been to a college ball or debs. Why not borrow their dress? It’s much cheaper then buying or renting one and you can look just as good. Also, everyone has some sort of shoes or heels, throw any pair on, it’s not as if you’re going to see them or be wearing them for most the night anyway. That’s when the flats come in

The Suit/Tux: Every guy has to have a suit or tux? So just wear that, but change up the style. Mix and Match is the trend at the moment so maybe add a dickey bow or a funky tie, some happy socks and suspenders. Ta-Da basically looks like a brand new suit!

Hair/Make-up: In this day and age everyone is becoming a make-up artist. You must know someone that’s an MUA or just really gifted at doing make-up. Why not just ask them really nicely to do it for you? Don’t be too fussy about your hair (it usually falls down half way through the night anyway). Why not just straighten it or throw some curls in it? Maybe add a few plats? Sorted!

Pre-Drinks: We all know that five-euro naggins are essential. They’re cheap, cheerful and do the job. Everyone has to have some sort of flavoured cordial in his or her house/apartment, so there’s your mixer sorted!

Okay, now we have an outfit, hair and make-up and our cheap pre-drink, all that’s left is the college ball itself so why not be a little adventurous and take some sort of public transport, for example the bus! Anyway, travelling in groups of twenties is much more efficient than four people in a taxi, and it costs very little.

Money is essential you will obviously need a bit of cash cash money for the night, but other than that it isn’t necessary to spend a cent.

Hair/Make-up: €0
Dress/Suits: €0
Pre-Drink: €5
Transport €5
Ticket: €40
Spending money: €10
Total Cost: €60 euro

We hope this helped you guy’s get to your college ball this year !!


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