July 14, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer


So, A false Tan for €12 that develops straight away…..

I’ll give My honest opinion I didn’t believe it, I just thought Sally Hansen tan was full of empty promises!

I was a bit apprehensive in trying Sally Hansen tan out before an event- What colour it would come out like, Would it be streaky- all the usual things to get hung up over when doing tan!

I’ve used it a few times before doing a proper review on it- To really get a feel for it, Okay so let’s get down to it

Does it develop straight away..?

Yes it develops straight away- You will have a nice natural glow and it will definitely take away any blemishes or blotchiness on your skin. Helpful for people like me, who are always rushing to get out the door and don’t have time to wait hours to see the end result.
The tan is never orange it always gives off a sun kissed look and it applies evenly to the skin

Would you use it on holidays..?

If you’re looking to fake it on holidays this is the only tan I’d use! Do your tan the night before you fly off and bring a bottle with you for top ups (it smells nice so nobody would notice aka there won’t be a “bang of fake tan off you”) It also comes in a travel friendly size so you could pop it in the hand luggage

Does it dry out your skin..?

This is my personal favourite thing about sally hansen tan- It doesn’t dry out your skin, Other tans can make your skin feel dry and tight after application this doesn’t yay thank you Ms.Hansen!

If I’m having an ugh day this is a great product- wake up feeling like a troll, Have a shower put the tan on and boom go to town looking, feeling annnnd smelling great!

It’s a massive thumbs up from me (and I’m a total tanorexic!!)

What do you think of cocoa brown..?


Author: Chloe Normoyle


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