14 signs you’re from Limerick

14 signs you’re from Limerick
August 25, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer

        14 signs you’re from Limerick 

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  1. You’ve tried to sneak into Molly’s underage.


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Young wans will never know the suspense of trying to sneak in to molly’s with dodgy fake ID at 17 years of age.



  1. Chicken hut gravy ….. Who doesn’t love it?

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After a long night of lushing, there’s nothing better than a chicken breast dripping in chicken hut gravy!


  1. You’ve overtaken more people on horse than cars.


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In Limerick today there seems to be more young lads on horse than cars!



  1. You’ve been to a Gizer.


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“How many did you shift?” For 1st and 2nd years there’s nothing more exciting than going to the Gizer.


  1. You say like at the end of every sentence.

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Not sure why but it seems most people from limerick say like at the end of every single sentence!




  1. Everyone knows the elderly man who plays the accordion


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“Can I tell you a joke?” He plays the accordion religiously in town. Anyone from limerick will know who this man is.


  1. You’ve attend Julies or tutorial’s supervised study at least once.


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Whether you’re doing the junior cert or leaving cert you’ve attempted they’re supervised study at some point.



  1. Grey tracksuit bottom is uniform.

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Go into Limerick City and you’ll see a sea full of guys in grey tracksuit bottoms tucked into their socks.


  1. Stand up and fight….. You know where you are.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 19.19.09

Thomand Park! Every person from Limerick has attended at least one Munster match.



  1. 10. Top pizza after a night out is ritual

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It’s the closets fast food restaurant to Crush and all the other nightclubs. It’s easy to access and less of a treck in your heels!


  1. Gleeson’s Spar has the best chicken rolls in Limerick.

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 19.19.24

It’s no secret that Gleeson’s Spar have the best chicken rolls in Limerick! Whether it’s Henry St, Catherine St or Castletroy.  (Plus the also do nice catering is well)


  1. More people know the Rubber Bandits than the major of Limerick.

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Ask anyone on the street what’s the name of the major or name one rubber bandit song, you’re guaranteed to meet more people you can sing “Horse Outside” word to word than the Mayor’s name.


  1. The daily use of gowl, kid, bud and cuz.


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You can’t walk around Limerick without hearing at least one of the three!


  1. You’ve attend or seen at least one of Celia Holman Lee’s Fashion Shows.


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Celia is one of Limericks most famous fashion Entrepreneurs. Any fashion show in Limerick you’ll be garneted she’ll be running it!



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