Student Life

Student Life
May 5, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer

As a student I have had some amazing experiences throughout Cork and Limerick city during my time studying. So here are a few things I feel that are necessary to share with everyone.

So, student’s number one priority either on a night out or the day after is food. Two places that need to go on the bucket list when you need some soakage is KCs & Sons and Chicken Hut.

1. Chicken Hut can be located on O’Connell Street in Limerick City. All you need is a breast in a bun meal with a portion of large gravy (the large portion is very necessary). Trust me you will never have gravy like it!


2. KCs & Sons is located in Douglas, Co.Cork and has been running for 50 years. On a Friday night you could be queing outside for at least 30 minutes and it is totally worth it! It is the most original take away I have ever tried, and if you’re ever in Cork it is a must!! For first timers I would recommend the one and only King Creole! This is Cajun Chicken, served in a hot pitta with mayo, lettuce and homemade chips and yes it tasted as good as it sounds!


3. Okay moving away from food, a major must do when you are a college student is to start a series. You need to do something with all of your spare time, so why not use it in bed with a cup of tea and your favorite series. My personal favourites were Gossip Girl and breaking bad.


4. Rag Week/Fresher’s: There’s two weeks that really matter during the year for students. It’s not their final project week or assignment deadlines. Fresher’s week and rag week are the only ones they mark on the calendar and plan for. Getting ready for these weeks is like preparing to go to Cheltenham for the first time. Huge preparations are involved. Drink has to be organized, the different outfits, which house party they are going to attend, who they are going to bum a lift off. Scanning the entertainment selection for the week is top priority; you need to go to the popular spot! Ultimately the ones you’re going to get the pull at! It may be crude but this is what it comes down too! These two weeks are the biggest social gatherings on the student calendar. Everyone is out in force!


5. Student Accommodation: We all know that if we decide to move out for college a few things will be sacrificed. For example, the comfort of the family home, central heating, mom’s dinners (or any food at all) and cleanliness. You have all heard of Bear Grills’, you have all seen how he prepares to launch out of a plane and land in the wilderness of the Amazon, this is what student accommodation is like in a nut shell, so be very prepared. If the United Nations were stationed in Ireland, their headquarters would probably be on university campus because they would have to supply an ample feed to the poor student souls who crawl from under their sheets at 4pm in the evening, hunting and gathering and doing their best to forage for any last crumbs of last nights Apache pizza.


This is when the UN is needed!

Just remember student life isn’t all that bad! Try enjoy every second of it and hang in there!


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