The 8 stages of Exam Season

The 8 stages of Exam Season
May 5, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer

The sun is slowly coming out and the temperatures are beginning to rise, meaning that we are slowly coming into exam season, for both college students and secondary school students we thought it was necessary to write a piece on the 10 stages of exam season.


Stage 1: Procrastination

This is the stage of denial before the exam period kicks in. You know that the end of year exams is coming, but you lie to yourself for a little bit of comfort and to calm the nerves. This is the time you usually start working out or starting a series, anything to avoid studying and facing the truth. This is probably the best phase as you spend it doing all the thing you actually want to do, going to the cinema, putting a face-mask on. The only problem is during this time the thought of exams and studying are always at the back of your mind, slowly creeping their way in. You will try to ignore it and pray it goes away, but it wont.


Stage 2: Freaking out

Okay procrastination is finally over! Now you have realized the amount of work you actually need to do and the mini heart attack kicks in.  Just keep taking deep breaths! This stage marks the notepad and pens being taken out.


Stage 3: Let the studying begin!

Now is the time to actually get all you’re shit together and start the hard graft. Even if it means standing outside the library at 8.30 in the morning waiting for a seat. Take your laptop, notes and highlighters, keep the head down and being your studying process! See, you can do this.


Stage 4: The Caffeine Buzz

There comes a time during exam season when you begin to develop tolerance for coffee. This is probably due to the 6 cups of coffee, 3 cups of tea and the can of red bull you have been consuming on a daily basis. Maybe sticking to water is your best bet!


Stage 5: Cramming

The last few days before your exams start you begin to cram every piece of relevant information into your exhausted brain. You know you have worked hard but keep panicking that you have missed crucial bits.


The night before or that morning of your exam is usually the time where you dive into you music’s catalogue and search for the most motivations tunes you can find. Try to get pumped and ready to ace this exam. My favourite would have to be Eye Of The Tiger.


Stage 7: Sitting the exam


Okay so you are now sitting in your assigned seat and you are handed your exam. You look at the paper and begin to recognize the questions that have come up, and maybe thank god in your head. You thinking the work may have actually paid off and BOOM- you’re done! You feel like you are unstoppable and can demolish the rest of your exams.

Stage 8: Freedom

You have done it! Your exams are finally over and its summer time!! Enjoy the next three months without a care in the world! There are no words to describe this feeling other than- sun, sea and cocktails! You have earned it!



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