November 23, 2015 Riann O'Dwyer

Is it too early to start organising the twelve pubs of Christmas for you and you’re friends?

I say it’s never too early. With only roughly four weeks to go until Christmas week let’s take a look at some rules for your night out!


  • Pub 1 Over Pub – start off easy, remember its there’s 11 more to go so settle yourselves into the game with a nice easy rule by saying “over” after every sentence, over.


  • Pub 2 No Names Pub – can’t use names or nick names AND no pointing allowed either!



  • Pub 3 Free Hugs Pub– grab a hug from a stranger (same sex only)


  • Pub 4 Fake Accent Pub– use fake accent for duration
  • Pub 5 ‘Partner’– You can only drink your drink if its ‘fed to you’ straws not allowed folks


  • Pub 6 Shoe Swap time. Needs no explanation. Get the lads in them heels



  • Pub 7 Random object. Last person to finish their drink must carry and keep hold of a random object in pub 8. Results in some very funny looks being thrown your way.


  • Pub 8 Left hand only. While the random object is taking up all the attention the rest of ye take a breather and drink with your left hand only.



  • Pub 9. No swearing. Sounds easy, but 8 drinks you’d be surprised how much of a challenge it can be


  • Pub 10. Drink in the toilets. Take the party to the loo!



  • Pub 11. You can only speak as Gaeilge. Pulling a sentence together in English at this point can be tricky, let alone one in Irish.


  • Pub 12. Take a sit. Grab a glass of water and have a laugh. Let’s be honest everyone forgot about the rules by Pub 7 anyway. Just remember to be careful and enjoy the night!


Don’t forget your Christmas Jumper!! Wouldn’t be the same without everyone wearing one!


Aoife McMullan


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